KBL Serene

Compact 45 Combo Range

The aim of the Compact 45 range is to combine modular design and multi-function technology with a very re-fined design impact. It was conceived for all those seeking a kitchen that meets every need with simplicity and style as well as those demanding professional features and performance.

Using the latest technology in a mix and match design concept you can design a kitchen with style without compromising on space.

It includes:

  • Combination oven and microwaves
  • Multifunction Oven
  • Blast Chiller
  • Vacuum Sealing Draw
  • Compact Coffee Machine
  • Wine Cellar
  • Induction Hob
  • Hybrid Induction/Gas Hob
  • Bench Mounted cooker hoods
  • Under bench 46 bottle wine chiller


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